Wound Care

A good number of our patients suffer from venous insufficiency and peripheral arterial disease. These conditions are often accompanied with wounds, ulcers, skin changes, cellulitis, erythema of the leg and end up requiring in spite of treating their arteries and veins a long-term treatment of careful care for their wounds. At Arizona Vascular Specialists, our physicians are trained in a number of specialized techniques for both chronic and acute wounds and ulcerations including surgical debridement, application of negative pressure therapy dressings, biological, skin substitutes and split thickness skin grafts. Our staff, vascular techs and podiatry team are frequently great adjuncts to our wound care team in regards to aid with local wound care, dressing changes, arranging for home health care, feet evaluations, imaging and ultrasound evaluations, wound care center referrals and scheduling surgery and consultation with our physicians in a timely manner. We are available every day of the week for wounds re checks, further evaluations and also for new patients. We focus on improving your quality of life, identify and treat the origin of your wounds and prevent recurrence, ulcerations and soft tissue infection.